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Looking for a Wild Spring Break Trip?

There are literally scores of travel agents and tour providers all vying for your and your friends' travel dollars.  They have slick websites showing tons of partying, outrageous contests and what otherwise looks like the party of a lifetime.  But how do you get past the hype to choose a travel provider who actually delivers what you paid for?  Check out our tips for what to look for in a spring break tour operator and then discover our pick for the Top Wild Spring Break Party Maker.

Chances are the you and your crew are looking to go somewhere new for Spring Break and you'd like to be close to all the party action in a room that does not give 'cockroach motel' a literal meaning.  You might be road tripping down, or you might need to fly.  However you plan to do it, you want to make sure that you're enjoying you days on the beach instead of sweating the details of how, or if, you will make it back home. 

Consider the following things when choosing your wild spring break trip provider, or skip the read and jump down to our pick for the best Spring Break Tour Company.

The Devil Is In the Details

Going to a new place for the first time is always a little nerve racking.  How will you get around town?  Can you walk to the beach or is it a taxi ride away?  Is your hotel or condo room truly oceanfront, or will you have to climb over the balcony to see the beach?  These are all questions you have a right to ask.  And your tour provider should answer them too. 

Check out the website and see how much detail is offered.  Are your included meals served at a restaurant?  If not they may well be served out of a cooler trucked into the hotel lobby.  (Think we're kidding?  It happens.)  Is the hotel on the beach, or does it only offer beach access (usually a clue that the hotel is across a road or two from the sand and water).  Is your flight time guaranteed on a commercial airline, or will your travel date be flexible as you wait on a charter flight to get to your particular city? A wild spring break trip need not include drama on the runway!

Read all the details in the material on the web and that is mailed to you closely.  Even the fine print.  When you have a question, your tour operator should also have a phone number you can call.  If your chosen company is light on the details and isn't quick to offer a telephone line, you should continue looking.  At the very least check with the Better Business Bureau on your chosen company before you buy.

Want a company that is both a member of the BBB and the American Society of Travel Agents?  Check out our preferred pick for Spring Break travel providers.

Package Deals

A wild spring break trip does not just involve a room and a view of the beach.  You will also want to have plenty of options when it comes time to chow down or grind it out to your favorite dance beats.  Most major tour providers today are also quick to give you a package deal along with your flight and room to sweeten the deal.  Before you buy, though, think about these things.

Meal passes are great, but make sure the restaurant choices are close by to your hotel.  Nothing ruins a free breakfast like a $15 taxi ride.

Are there time restrictions?  Again, that all you can eat buffet is nice, but not when it's only offered from 6-7 a.m. or a dinner scheduled from 4- 5 p.m.  You want to make sure that you can operate according to your schedule, not the zany hours set by someone else. 

As for discount passes for cover charges and free drink tickets, just remember you generally get what you pay for.  Do not expect top self liquor or a pass right to the front of the line when using these coupons or vouchers.

If you are looking for package deals the really deliver the goods, hop down to discovery our exclusive top Spring Break travel provider.

Pay Now, Play Later

One recent trend in tour companies cranking out wild spring break trips is to offer customers the chance to make small payments over time towards their trips.  This can be good for those living on tight student budgets, but you need to make sure you don't pay a higher price or incur additional fees just for this service.

Look for a wild spring break trip provider who charges no additional fee and who will use an escrow service to hold your money until the time comes that you have paid in full.

Ready to Book? Look No Further!

A wild spring break trip that creates memories for a lifetime for both you and your friends starts right here!  Imagine being able to book with confidence, knowing that everything that is promised to you will be delivered.  Book with a company that delivers on bringing you to the best Spring Break parties and giving you maximum options with additional dining and party packages.  You can book now knowing that your good times are guaranteed, and if not, you will get your money back or the company will make it right.  Impossible?  Not at all, we have scored the Net, read all the fine print, and considered the options.  Our exclusive pick for booking your next Spring Break trip:

Inertia Tours for Your Wild Spring Break Trip

This family-based Texas company has a long track record of providing outstanding value and service to its wild Spring Break travelers.  In addition to meeting all of the criteria mentioned above, Inertia Tours & Events also offers:

  • Multiple destinations, with multiple price points.  You pick where you want to go, and then let Inertia work with your budget to make it happen.

  • The chance to make smaller installment payments towards your trip.  And even better than that, Inertia uses an independent bank to hold your money until you pay in full!

  • Once you get to your destination, Inertia ensure that you have a great time by providing you with a U.S. tour staff and a public office where you can stop by and ask questions.

  • Inertia only flies commercial airlines like American, Continental, and Southwest.  No charter flights here!  You need not have flexible travel dates or worry about a shady airplane owned by a company you never head of.

  • An included dining package that really offers value.  Not only do you get a great price, but you are also guaranteed to have meal choices daily in real restaurants, with no nasty-buffets- your food is cooked to order.

  • Party with the stars!  Inertia always books hot DJs and Real World cast members to keep the party hopping

We are proud to partner with this company because they offer the best experiences at truly great values.  Plus, these folks are some of the best in the industry to deal with.  Do yourself a favor- take a look at Inertia Tours and Events before you book with anybody else, compare for yourself and see if you don't agree this is the Spring Break tour operator you want to be with.

Start looking and booking your wild spring break trip now.

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