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Traveling With Your Companion Animals

by Cilantro

Some animals travel well and you might be tempted to bring yours along. If they would rather be with you and don't mind the methods of transportation that you will be using, have fun at SPring Break together!

If you are flying, try to find a plane where you can bring your animals with you in the cabin if they are small enough. Cargo holds for animals have greatly improved the past decade, but even pressurized, temperature-controlled areas can cause distress and workers might not know how to handle your animals correctly.

To minimize risk of losing your animals, insist that they be loaded while you watch, and book nonstop flights.

Keep animals contained; a little creature between the brake pedal and the driver's foot, jumping up on the driver's lap and standing up over the face, or climbing up and walking along the windshield, can spell disaster.

In case of collision, it is safest to have quality containment. Plastic crates might just shatter on impact, having your animals and plastic pieces flying everywhere. A good doggy seat belt and car harness are best if you have a dog.

If you are using small carriers, opt for the toughest soft-sided ones. This way both you and your pet can enjoy a safe spring break.

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