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Spring Break Underwater Photo Gallery

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 Spring Break Underwater Photo Gallery

Spring Break and crystal blue ocean waters are a natural mix.  It's natural then that we'd want to explore beneath those waters to see a different side of nature's beauty.    Whether you choose to explore the waters via snorkel or stay for a while longer while scuba diving, almost every major Spring Break beach destination has many opportunities available to you.  For the little amount of money spent, you will have a chance to see beauty and color that lives just below the surface.  Yep, Spring Break underwater is possible!
Spring Break Tip-  As the photos below show, taking Spring Break underwater photos is a tricky endeavor,  The deeper you go, the more natural light and color that gets filtered out.  Thus, the underwater disposable camera sold at every snorkel and dive outfitter has a VERY limited use.  They work fine just below the surface, but will do nothing once you go a little deeper.  Professional camera equipment is required to get nice shots of the fish and coral you will see on your dives. 

Please click the thumbnails to see the larger versions!

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A gorup of college kids scuba for Spring Break

A group of friends pose for a scuba shot.

Bikini girls always look better with snorkel masks, right?!

Scuba Susan says, "It's A-Okay!"

Upside down and underwater for Spring Break

Obviously Jim was having problems controlling his buoyancy.

Underwater Spring Break girl

Underwater shots always make you look soooo much more attractive.

High-five underwater

Bob was too busy posing to notice the hugry fish circling him...

Scuba team on Spring Break

Yet another snorkel crew.

Shark watching in the Bahamas for Spring Break.

Yes my friends, you can see shark on your dive, like this one in the Bahamas.

Spring Break girls pose with snorkel gear on

What the chances those are beer googles?

Spring Break snorkel cruise boat

Many dive operators use boats like this to take you out to the reef you will dive. Not bad, eh?

Fish and people interact on Spring Break

Whose cuter- the fish or the girl?

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Do you have a Spring Break Underwater photos?

Have you got a great pic of you or your friends exploring a coral reef or getting lost in a school of tropical fish?  Do want to preserve those memories here in our gallery?  C'mon and share.  If you have underwater photos to add to our site, please submit your Spring Break Underwater Photos here.

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