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Spring Break Passed Out Gallery

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 Spring Break Passed Out Photos

So you've been out partying all night and it's finally time to pass out for a few hours before starting the madness all over again.  You're piled into a hotel room with three of your best friends and all you can think about is closing your eyes.  Beware!  You never know what might happen when your friends find you out cold.  Spring Break shamings are definitely in order!  Take a look at these Spring Break passed out photos of what could be in store for those who try to catch some shut-eye...

Please click the thumbnails to see the larger versions!

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Spring Break passed out with friends

Who to be more concerned about? The dude in the sombraro, or the girl with demon eyes?

Spring Break passed out with a drink

Ahhh- Spring Break passed out with a drink in hand!

Spring Break passed out and shamed

Even sleep can't stop the hard core drinker.

Passed out at the club at Spring Break

Passed out at the club- bad form.

Passed out at the pool for Spring Break

Now this is Spring Break- passed out on the beach.

Girls passed out on top of each other

Girls passed out on top of one another- that's so college!

Passed out on a picnic table

We're guessing the hotel mattress must be as hard as a rock?

Girls passed out on the beach at Spring Break

Do her parents know about that tatoo?

Couple passed out on top of each other

Talk about needing a room.

passed out at Spring Break and uncute

Let's face it- some people aren't attractive when passed out.

Hook-up at Spring Break only to pass out

What are the chances these 2 knew each other the day before?

Getting shamed at Spring Break

Seriously girls, that's not the right shade for him!

Dry humped and shamed when passed out for Spring Break

Nothing says friendship like a healthy dry humping.

Double jointed and passed out- yeah Spring Break!

She gives a new meaning to the term 'double-jointed.'

Shamed for passing out at Spring Break

Winner of the award for 'best drawn-on eyebrows.'

Getting some tounge for Spring Break

If only he was awake to grab that tongue.

Passed out on the floor for Spring Break

Who needs a bed? Dude, I'm passing out on the floor.

Hot body passed out for Spring Break

And then, some people look really cute passed out.

Shamed for passing out at Spring Break

Nice boxers- dude.

Totally out cold at Spring Break

At least she didn't go commando.

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Do you have Spring Break Passed Out Photos?

We love a good shaming for he or she who dared fall asleep first.  We hope you'd like to share too.  If you have photos to add to our site, please submit your Spring Break Passed Out pics here.

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