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 Spring Break Contest Photos

How fast can you bong a beer?  Are you the undeniable winner of the wet t-shirt contest?  Can you go undefeated in beer pong- anytime, anyplace?  All your favorite contests reach extreme heights at Spring Break, and we've got the photos below to prove it.  Not only are some of the contests sponsored by big corporations, they also offer great prizes that can make your Spring Break that much more crazy.  So perfect your aim, tan that bod, and get your dance groove on- it's time for Spring Break!

Please click the thumbnails to see the larger versions!

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Tequila drinking contest at Spring Break

At least this contest comes with a complementary clean-up!

Spring Break limbo contest

How low can you limbo?

Wet t-shirt contest for Spring Break

Wet t-shirt contest anyone?

Jello shooter contest for Spring Break

No seriously, those are jello shooters between their legs.

Hula hooping at Spring Break

And you thought hula hooping was for little kids?

Green balloons and hot girls at Spring Break

Ohh to be those green balloons.

Girl doing a beer bong on Spring Break

The classic beer bong shot.

Fun with balloon animals

Taking balloon animals to a whole new level.

More fun with balloon animals

This is the "how wide can you open your jaws" contest.

Beer pong in hotel room at Spring Break

Yes, you can set up beer pong in your hotel room.

Line of shots for Spring Break

The winner gets to keep the crown, if she remembers what she did from the night before...

Keg stand on the beach

What beach party is complete without a keg stand?

Bikini contest for Spring Break

What's not to love about a good bikini contest?

Girl in bikini doing a keg stand

Yes, girls do keg stands too.

Keg stand on a wall

And, no, it doesn't take two to perform a keg stand. Well done!

NOTE:  Alcohol consumption plays a part in many a Spring Break contest, as these pictures no doubt show.  Please remember to drink responsibly and take care of yourself on Spring Break.  We've got tips to help you out.

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Do you have Spring Break Contest Photos?

Did you and you buds win first place in the Spring Break body shot competition?  Have you got the photo to prove it?  If you have photos of great Spring Break contests in action, please submit your Spring Break Contest pics here.

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