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Spring Break Bodies Gallery

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 Spring Break Bodies

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Slim bikinis, cinnamon tans, and lots of attitude are all part of looking your best at Spring Break.  Long days at the gym and a strict watch on the waist line become the mantra of thousands of Spring Break every year.  What do they want?  The perfect Spring Break body.  The body that can be seen across the beach and draw the attention of everyone who looks on.  The kind of body that can grind all night in the dance club and then relax in the heat of the Caribbean sun.  Check out these Spring Break bodies for achieving the best of what Spring Break is all about.

Please click the thumbnails to see the larger versions!

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Bikini contest girls on stage

Rump shaking at another Spring Break contest.

Poolside girls pose for a picture

Hotties in bikinis line up poolside.

Hot bodies bose on the beach at Spring Break

Beach beauties posing on the sand. Ohh to be in their crowd.

Bikini girls line-up

Bikins are always on the dress code at Spring Break.

Chocoloate rubbing contest for bikini girls at spring break

Girls in bikinis having a chocolate fight- that's hot.

Hot bodies in the water at Spring Break

Attractive people hanging out in the water.

Girlfriends pose ont he beach.

Best friends?

Trio of Spring Break bodies

So, is she the jelly in this peanut butter sandwich?

Bikini poser girl.

Solo bikini poser.

Hot girl in bikini shaking it.

Soo hot...

GIrls pose for a Spring Break pic.

A trio of hotties, relaxing for Spring Break.

Hot bodies pose for Spring Break.

Now that's an attractive couple. Think they know each other's first names?

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Do you have a hot Spring Break Body caught on film?

Have you got a great pic of you or your friends looking great in your Spring Break beach wear?  Do want to share those pics here?  We'd like to see what you're talking about.  If you have photos to add to our site, please submit your pics of Spring Break Bodies here.

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