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Spring Break Bikinis

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 Spring Break Bikinis

It is a tradition nearly as old as Spring Break- the bikini contest.  It comes in many forms- the wet-t-shirt contest, the booty shaking contest, best legs, etc.  But it all means the same thing- who has the best body on the beach?  Enjoy these pics of the different forms this contest takes and let us know if you think you have the competition beat! 

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Please click the thumbnails to see the larger versions!

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A Spring Break bikini contest line-up

Some friendly competiton girls?

Bikini Contest girls dance together

What bikini contest is complete without some hard-core booty shaking?

A little extra push up for that Spring Break bikini?

Sometimes you just need a little extra support.

Tini bikini dancer

Was this the tiniest bikini contest?

Number One Spring Break bikini contest winner

Just who is Number One?

Bikini Contest girls dancing together

Sometimes you've got to get a little closer.

Last Dance for Spring Break bikini contest

The classic last chance dance before the winner is crowned.

Bikini Contest Line-up

Let the contest begin!

Dude kneeling to spring break bikini contest winner

Kneeling at the bikini contest shrine?

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Do you have Spring Break Bikini Contest Photos?

Never ones to turn down a bikini contest photo, we're welcome to submissions.  If you have pics to add to our site, please submit your Spring Break Bikinis pics here.

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