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South Beach Spring Break

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 South Beach Spring Break Guide

Spring Break South Beach Club Row in NeonDreaming of a Caribbean Spring Break, but want to stay state-side? South Beach, Miami brings you the best of both worlds.

Located at the very southern end of Florida,  South Beach Spring Break has emerged as one of the newest Spring Break hot spots in the last few years.

With its white sandy beaches, unique Art Deco District (see above, image courtesy of Elliot Whitley,, and a night club scene that would rival even the hottest Spring Break destinations South of the Border, a South Beach Spring Break can fulfill your every need.  Our free guide, below, lays out all the hottest angles of South Beach Spring Break.  Get the scoop on why South Beach is becoming the new "it" destination for Spring Break.

South Beach Spring Break combines a unique location with plenty of warm sun, blue ocean water, and nightlife to create a great location for getting away from it all.  A South Beach Spring Break vacation does not have to evolve solely around the beach, however.  There are many other daytime and night time distractions to keep the active Spring Breaker Busy.

Our South Beach Spring Break Guide is filled with tips and advice meant for Spring Breakers.  We aim to give you the most timely information possible while weeding out items that don't appeal to the Spring Break crowd.  Let our South Beach Spring Break guide help you plan your trip to this great city!

Explore South Beach for Spring Break

South Beach Map & Orientation

Directions for getting to and around South Beach, Miami.  Parking during your South Beach Spring Break can get rough!

South Beach Hotels

There are scores of hotels along South Beach and Miami Beach.  We've got the low down on which ones are best for your South Beach Spring Break!

South Beach Night Club Reviews

Velvet ropes and world-famous DJs are a nightly occurrence during a South Beach Spring Break.  We've got the 411 here.

South Beach Shopping

All the famous music and film stars, from Jessica Simpson to J-Lo make sure to stop in South Beach's boutiques.  We'll tell you where the hot spots and bargains can be found!

South Beach Attractions

If you stay on the beach all day, you're missing much of what Miami has to offer.  We'll help you figure out how to maximize your South Beach Spring Break stay.

Other Links

For another great resource, check out Cool South Beach- lots of great up-to-date information on the best places to stay and play with a timely newsletter available for free!

Other Florida Destinations

Yes, there are loads more locations in Florida that offer great beaches and warm waters during Spring Break's high season.  To check out the other alternatives, along with a great list of other bargains to be had in the sunny state of Florida, we highly recommend Discount Florida Vacations. With specialty guides for both student and last-minute travel, these folks have you covered.  As any Spring Breaker should be, we're especially fond of their money saving tips. Go on, check 'em out!

More Details ...

South Beach Weather

Florida is called "The Sunshine State," and for good reason!  November through April is the tourist season in South Beach, Miami as temperatures are generally in the 70's (Fahrenheit) and the humidity remains low.  Perfect for a South Beach Spring Break.

Thanks to the warm gulf-stream, the water temperature February-April ranges between a comfortable 73-78 degrees (Fahrenheit) and the waters have that familiar azure-blue found in the Caribbean.

A South Beach Spring Break will also involve the occasional rain shower, but, like most other tropical destinations, the sun quickly returns to warm things up!

In summary, a South Beach Spring Break features warm weather with warm ocean waters.  An ideal combination!

Dreaming of South Beach, Miami?  Check out the weather conditions on Miami Beach right now:

Now that's what we're talking about!

A Little History…

South Beach Spring Break Beach ViewSouth Beach, Miami literally began as a coconut farm for a couple of brothers back in the 1870s.  In the early 1900s, the beach-front land was bought up and meant to provide space for modest single family homes.  Millionaires, such as J.C. Penney, and Harvey Firestone, soon discovered this place and quickly changed the landscape to that of a playground for the rich.

This trend continued into the 1930s as the Art Deco building boom began.  The architecture is still visible (and prominent) even today. In fact, South Beach remains the world's largest single site of Art Deco Architecture.  This makes for a very unique South Beach Spring Break experience.

By the late 1970s and 1980s, South Beach had become a retirement community with the influx of Northern Snowbirds in search of a warmer climate.  At the same time, however, South Beach also became a home base from drug dealers trafficking in cocaine (remember the TV show Miami Vice?).

The turn came in the late 1980s, as a forward-thinking group of local citizens succeeded in having South Beach listed in the National Register of Historic Places and then lured in a booming fashion industry into the area.

Since that time, South Beach has quietly built itself into a premier destination.  The desire for South Beach Spring Break has been fueled by increased TV exposure from such shows as CSI:MIami, MTV's The Real World, and (most recently) the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards.

The secret is out, and as a result, South Beach has gained notoriety as a Spring Break destination with its picturesque beaches, hot night clubs, and excellent combination of cuisine and shopping.  In short, a South Beach Spring Beach is a combination of beautiful places for beautiful people.

Do you have another suggestion for Spring Break South Beach Daytime Activities?  Submit it here.

Do you have a favorite Spring Break South Beach night spot that would appeal to Breakers?  Tell us about it using the link below.


Spring Breaker Reviews for Spring Break South Beach

Our opinions are just that- our opinions.  We want to enhance this site by hearing from you, our fellow Spring Breakers.   Pictures, stories, and your own tips about Spring Break South Beach are needed here.  If you have something to add, please submit your South Beach Spring Breakreviews here.

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