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South Beach Map & Guide

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South Beach Map & Orientation

You need to know where you're going whether you intend to fly or drive into South Beach.  To that end, check out this great South Beach Map.

Get Oriented  

Miami Beach Hotels from the AirSouth Beach is located just to the east of the City of Miami, in the south tip of Florida.  As the South Beach map shows, South Beach is actually a barrier island surrounded by water on two sides.  To the east of South Beach is Biscayne Bay.  To the west is the Atlantic Ocean.  All of the popular beaches for Spring Break South Beach are on the Atlantic Ocean side.


Just to the north of South Beach is Miami Beach, also located on the barrier island.  Depending on your budget, you may find more economical hotels in either the city of Miami or up along Miami Beach.  South Beach, and all its attractions, are just a short taxi ride or drive away.

The time zone in South Beach is Eastern Standard Time (EST), with daylight savings time observed over the spring and summer.  This will maximize daylight hours for later Spring Break South Beach visits- though the real party won't get started until well after the sun has set!

Getting There

As the South Beach Map shows, South Beach is located on a barrier island just to the east of the city of Miami.  Once at South Beach, Biscayne Bay is located to the west and the Atlantic Ocean is to the east.  Numerous bridges, called causeways, connect the mainland to the barrier island and the best Spring Break South Beach locations.  You're never far away from the water during a Spring Break South Beach vacation!

Per the South Beach Map, South Beach runs from 23rd Street and Collins Avenue, southward to South Pointe Park.  Here's a great detail map of the South Beach area.

Driving to Miami

Click here for a good South Beach Map.

If you're driving to South Beach, you'll likely get to Miami via Interstate 95.  Once you get into Miami, you merge onto I-395.  At the end of I-395, you'll take the A1A Causeway across Biscayne Bay, which becomes 5th Street once you're on the island.

Flying to Miami

Flying into Miami is even easier.  Miami International Airport (MIA) is located right inside the city of Miami, about 20 minutes away from South Beach.  MIA is a major airport, with thousands of takeoffs and landings per month.  Over 100 different airlines makes stops in Miami.

Once you've landed in Miami, you can collect your baggage and head out to the Taxi pick-up area.  Currently the taxi ride to South Beach is a flat rate $24 one-way.  If you have made reservations with a hotel beforehand (which we strongly recommend) check to make sure they don't offer a free shuttle for pick-up and drop-off at the airport.

Other near-by airports include Fort Lauderdale International and Boca Raton Airport.  If you fly into one of these airports, you will more than likely want to rent a car to reach South Beach, as taxi service into Miami could be hard to find and/or awfully expensive.

Get Mobile

Officially, the city of Miami has train, bus, and taxi service.  The reality, however, is that unless you're staying within the city of Miami proper, you're better off getting a taxi when you can't walk to your next destination.  The rail system is not that useful to tourists and the bus system is confusing, to say the least.  Service within South Beach is not possible for the rail line, anyways.  There is a small bus service available for South Beach, but it is currently changing hands and the future status of this service is unknown.

The good news:  within South Beach, most everything you'll need or want within a typical day will be within an easy walk or very short cab ride.  Check out the South Beach Map.  Head outside of South Beach, though, and you'll want to take a taxi.

Thus, if you are flying into Miami to get to South Beach, renting a car is not recommended- especially if you plan to stay within South Beach for your Spring Break.  Parking during Spring Break South Beach can be expensive and just finding a spot can be hard to do during peak times.  You'll come out ahead by paying for taxi service as needed and sharing fares with friends.

Driving Your Own Car to South Beach

South Beach Ocean Drive TrafficIf you're driving yourself down to South Beach, then getting around is not the issue- parking is your main concern.  While there is metered street parking and a few parking lots can be found within South Beach, space is still at a premium and the likelihood of finding consistent good parking is almost non-existent.  Once you park your car at your hotel (where there may be additional parking fees) you might be better off walking or catching a cab to your next destination.

If you must drive, valet parking services are very common and using them is almost mandatory to park at all.  The trade-off, though, is that you'll pay $5 - $15 each time you park (and that does not include tip!).

Make sure you take a South Beach Map with you to avoid getting lost!

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South Beach Map & Orientation Tips

 We want to enhance this site by hearing from you, our fellow Spring Breakers.   A downloadable South Beach map or other orientation tips are appreciated.  If you have something to add, please submit your South Beach items here.

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