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Panama City Beach Weather

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Panama City Beach Weather

Experience the best of the Gulf Coast- Warm breezes and refreshing ocean waters are always on tap!

Panama City Beach waterfrontA Panama City Beach Spring Break is perfect for working on your tan ocean-side or by the pool.  With highs averaging in the mid 70s during the day and nights cooling into the mid 60s, you'll be comfortable almost all the time.

The warm Gulf Stream will help kick up the occasional afternoon rain shower, but, like most beach locations, the blazing sun dries things up pretty quickly.

The humidity of Panama City Beach weather will be noticeable. As anyone living in the South will tell you, it can get sticky at times. Just wear comfortable clothing the breathes easy and you'll be just fine.

Don't let the cool Panama City Beach weather temperatures fool you, though, the sun's rays can still burn you to a crisp.  You'll see many a lobster boy and girl gently walking off the beach after overdoing it early into their weak at PCB. 

Prevent this by use a sun-block and tanning in short spurts.  Build up a base before you go for that "golden-sun-kissed" look.  When heading out to the concerts and other beach games, make sure you wear some head gear too- a sunburn on the top of your head hurts just as badly!

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We Need Pictures of Panama City Beach Weather!

Got a great shot of the sunset on the beach?  How about another blue-sky day looking out from your hotel?  Send on your Panama City Beach Weather pics here.

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