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Money, Tickets, Passport - A Safe Spring Break Mantra

by H. McKean
(Loveland, CO USA)

There is no better mantra than "MONEY, TICKETS, PASSPORT" as you leave the house headed off to the land of sun and sand. No matter what else you might forget or find you only have half a bottle of- you can work through; but if you forget any one of the big three you are not going to be a happy camper and may not be able to enjoy your Spring Break at all.

Money, take enough for your cash needs but leave the big bank roll at home. Leave the debit card at home too. You are much better protected if you use your credit card and the info is stolen than losing cash or most debit cards.

Tickets, make sure that you have them and they are in your legal name. E-tickets work great, especially if you need only swipe your credit card to print them out at your destination gateway, this is especially true at American airports now.

Passport, if you are heading out of country--anywhere out of the country--then make sure you have your passport. If not then make sure it is a government issued ID. A student ID from your school will not work. If you leave the United States for Spring Break, you need to have a passport to re-enter.

A safe spring break starts with the chant, "Money, Tickets, Passport."

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