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Mazatlan Spring Break - Fun & Easy

New button  Already know you wanna go?  Check out our preferred Mazatlan Spring Break provider!  They have the the experience, prices, and connections to make your spring break a great one.

Mazalan's seaside viewLooking for a new Spring Break destination where you get a lot of bang for very little bling? We have the spot for you!  Tucked away along Mexico's Pacific Coast is Mazatlan- a laid back town that boasts some of the freshest seafood and hippest  bars and clubs around. It's a great mix of chill and party and is guaranteed to bring you back to school raving about what a great time you and your friends had at your Mazatlan Spring Break.

Top Ten Reasons We Love a Mazatlan Spring Break

blue dot Home of the Original Senior Frogs. Find out why this chain became a Spring Break mainstay.

blue dot Let's go surfing now! Whether advanced or a beginner, this is a great place to shread and learn.

blue dot Party bus charters cut costs way down because you do not have to fly to get there. Check out the great party bus deals from our preferred Spring Break provider to see what we mean.

blue dotSumbawa- the hippest beachfront club we have ever seen, New York meets old world Mexico

blue dotBar dancing at the open air Bora Bora beach club is always a sight to see (and the place to be seen)

blue dotSpring Break temperatures always in the 80's and 90's (Farenheit) with no rain, think warm and sunny days

blue dotThe Tequila Factory Tour and tasting is a great way to spend the day (and then nap before the evening fun starts up again)

blue dotStone Island is an easy and fun daytrip to get away from the crowds and perfect your tan

blue dotDockside sunsets with a bucket of Tecate and the most tasteful fried shrimp we've found in Mexico

blue dotCliffside disco dancing at Valentino's with your significant other

Best of Where to Play

Bora Bora

Bora Bora Nightclub in MazatlanLocated in the Fiesta Land complex, this open-air discotheque pulls out all the stops with raised dance cages, two different dance floors and a big time bar that often becomes a third dance surface.  Cover runs about $10 U.S.  During the day you can also cool off in their pool or find a game of sand volleyball to get into.  This is one stop you don not want to miss on your Mazatlan Spring Break.  It was just recently redone, so expect some serious sounds and lighting effects.


Disco Cherry in MazatlanThis disco gets the award for the biggest in Mazatlan.  Here you will find a mix of hip hop, techno and rock music.  Combined with a high dollar light show, you will get your money's worth here.  Some Spring Break providers have hosted pretty wild foam parties here, so you will want to check their schedule to see when to his this place.  Find their info here.  Just know your Spanish before you check it out!


Sumbawa beach club in MazatlanAnother Fiesta Land mainstay.  This place gets the 'best social' award for their large lounge beds perfect for hanging out with a group of friends.  This isn't just a place for the nighttime either.  Many a Spring Break contest is held out back, pool-side.  It's a beach club with a serious dance vibe.


Seaside dancing at Valentinos in MazatlanCliffside dancing on an all-glass disco floor- wild!  No Mazatlan Spring Break trip is complete without a stop at this club- just look for the big white castle.  All different kinds of things going on here- including the chance to sing at the Canto Bar.  Our favorite part is the second level, where you can look down and people watch down on the main dance floor.  Plan to stay late because you will lost track of time with all there is to do here.

Best of Where to Stay

Costa de Oro

This a full resort located right on the beach, and considered an upgrade by most tour providers for the truly choosy Mazatlan Spring Break getaway.  You can still walk to the major bars, but you can also walk right out onto the beach, a nice option if this is your scene.  Resort has a large wade in pool and plenty of daytime sports and acitivities to keep you active- that is unless you aren't still sleeping off the night before.

HoJo/Don Pelayo

A great choice for the budget-minded Spring Breaker.  It may be right across the street from the beach, but it will put you in the middle of all the party action.  Walk to Fiesta Land, Cherry, and other major hot spots where the Spring Breakers assemble.  Pool and bar are located at the hotel.

Balboa Beach Club & Towers

Two different resorts in one.  The Beach Club features mini suites, some of which are not ocean-view, but that doesn't matter, this place is Spring Break headquarters during the peak weeks, so you will always be amongst friends.  The towers include suites of varying sizes with both mountain and ocean-view rooms.  There is a good restaurant here, and if you book with our preferred Mazatlan Spring Break provider, 4 free hours of Margaritas every afternoon!

How to Spend the Day

Stone Island

The habor of Stone Island, MazatlanVoted best day trip on the island.  You take little speed boats out to the point and the an old-fashioned tractor-pulled hay ride out to the site.  Once you get there, we recommend the all-inclusive option where you get fish tacos for lunch along with all you can drink beverages.  You have the chance to take a horse ride, snorkel, sea kayak, and go for a banana boat ride.  But really, the beach is really nice too.  Trivia point, Stone Island is really no island at all- it's a secluded peninsula.

Lighthouse Climb

The Mazatlan LighthouseWant to see the best view in all of Mazatlan?  Just grab a taxi and for about $5 U.S. you ask to be taken to 'El Faro.'  There you are dropped off at the base of a large hill.  Pack your tennis shoes, because you hav a nice walk up a dirt road and then about 1100 steps to take to make it to the top.  Bring your camera, though, because the views are not to be missed, especially around sunset.  With binoculars, you might also be able to spot the sea lion colony out on the rocks in the ocean.

Learn to Surf

One of the best benefits of a Mazatlan Spring Break is a point of near perfect beginner waves rolling 4-6 feet high,  Located just above the El Cid complex, you can spend the day learning how to catch a wave for under $50 U.S.  That includes the board and wet suit!  It's a great way to spend the day out in the water and really get away from it all, whether by yourself or with friends!

Tequila Factory Tour

Agave plants at Mazatlan Tequila TourYou know the score right, the all-you-can-drink samples at the end?  Yeah, this place has that too, but before you forget your name, learning how good tequila is actually made and where ti comes frm is pretty cool.  The $50 U.S. price of admission also includes lunch, a good idea before you get down to drinking.  We suggest you devote a day to this, so you can sleep it off before getting up to party later that same night.

Cheap, no?  But definitely a lot of fun.  Why not come back with a good Mazatlan Spring Break story to tell?


Additional Information for Your Mazatlan Spring Break

Want to know more about your Spring Break options down in Mazatlan?  Why not check out our tour provider for all the details and some pretty darn good pricing!


Tell Us About Your Mazatlan Spring Break

We are only as good as our viewers.  Have you been here before and have something to add?  Share it right here, we'll even give you credit!  If you have something to add, please submit your Mazatlan Spring Break tips and pics here.

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