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Lake Havasu Spring Break

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Lake Havasu Spring Break Guide

Students and young adults across the southwestern United States have a secret EXTREME Spring Break location that's rowdy and raunchy enough to rival anything found south of the U.S. border.  Bikinis, boats, and booze are mixed together and taken to new levels along the Colorado River to create one wild experience that you will not soon forget- Lake Havasu Spring Break.

A Lake Havasu Spring Break Party!

Imagine warm, sunny days spent on a large houseboat boat filled with friends new and old.  Add to that all you can drink, tiny bikinis, and plenty of tunes to set the party mood.  Now imagine twenty or more other boats tied together and doing the same thing in a tiny cove- far, far away from everybody else.  Sound like Bacchanalia?  No, my friends, this is a typical Spring Break day on the waters of Lake Havasu.  Welcome to extreme Lake Havasu Spring Break boating!

Tiny bikinis and breatuiful ladies on Lake HavasuTiny bikinis revealing the wildest tattoos, loads of fellow Spring Break revelers, and the calm waters of Lake Havasu are an intoxicating mix that bring thousands to these shores in the desert each spring.  But the daytime action on the water is not the end of the party, the town of Lake Havasu also has a small but very happening party scene on dry land once the sun has set.  These folks know what Lake Havasu is all about!

Use our guide to get to know this EXTREME Spring Break destination tucked back into the desert.  A Lake Havasu Spring Break may be just what you've been missing.

Lake Havasu Overview

Just ten miles from the California border, tucked along the so-called 'western coast' of Arizona is the town of Lake Havasu.  The town really came alive upon the completion of the Parker Dam in 1938.  The reservoir created from the mighty Colorado River became known as Lake Havasu, and the town quickly followed. 

Also known to locals as the 'Arizona Riviera,' you'll find more than 45 miles of lake shoreline and tiny coves tucked around this place.  The scenery is awesome with the Chemehuevi Mountains present in the background.  But you'll be glad to know, it's not the view that makes a Lake Havasu Spring Break so memorable.

London Bridge in the Desert

Lake Havasu's London BridgeNo doubt you'll also notice the main attraction along the river as well- London Bridge.  No, we're not kidding, see the photo.  The story goes that, after 150 years, the London Bridge was sagging into the Thames River in London, England.  Lake Havasu's founder, upon learning of this, paid a handsome bounty in the 1960s and has the bridge dismantled and shipped to the town- brick by brick.  The bridge was then reassembled, a channel dug under it to divert the waters from the lake, and the rest is that very odd looking structure now standing proud in the middle of the desert.  A little strange in our book, but, then again, what Spring Break destination isn't?!


Remember you're in the desert southwest here.  That means Spring is an optimum time for visiting the waters of this awesome lake.  While summer temperature are regularly in the 100s (Fahrenheit), during late February and early March you can expect daytime highs in the low 80s and nighttime lows in the 40s.  Quite comfortable, really, though the nights can get quite cool- plan accordingly.

Sun is always the order of the day for a Lake Havasu Spring Break, as well.  The area average only 4 inches of rain a year, and the months of March and April tend to be very dry.

While bathing suits and bikinis are the order of the day while out on the lake, note that water temps will still be a bit chilly- the water averages between 60-65 degrees during the Lake Havasu Spring Break season.  In other words, it's shrivel city- so bring a change of clothes and a towel if you plan to get wet!

Check out the weather conditions, right now, for Lake Havasu:

Coming Soon!

Getting There

Lake Havasu City is easily found in the southwestern part of Arizona.  It is just 160 miles south of Las Vegas and 210 miles east of Palm Springs.  If you are driving, you'll want to take Interstate 95 south from Vegas and Interstate 10 from Palm Springs.  You can find a number of good maps for Lake Havasu here

Flying in will require a bit of travel.  While there is a local airport with service provided by America West Express, you're more likely to have an easier time going mainstream. 

The closest airport that hosts the major carriers is still going to be Vegas.  Not that this is a bad thing!  Nothing like starting or ending your Lake Havasu Spring Break with a night or two in Sin City!  Still, there are other options.  Palm Springs, Flagstaff, and Phoenix are all relatively short distances away- but you will still need some ground transportation.  Here's a good source for transportation information in Lake Havasu.

Driving in to Lake Havasu City

From LA: Take US 10 east to US 15 north (Vegas).  Take 40 east from Barstow to Arizona State Road 95 south (not US 95).

From Las Vegas:  Take US 95 south to 40 east.  Take Arizona State Road 95 south (not US 95).

From Phoenix:  Take US 10 west to Arizona State Road 95 north.

Staying There

If you've planned ahead, or have some friends in the know, you will be spending your few sleeping hours on a boat of some form out on the lake.  Privacy will be at a minimum, but who cares?  You'll always be at the center of the party for your Lake Havasu Spring Break.  (Information on a Lake Havasu Spring Break boat rental is below.)

That bring said, not everybody sleeps out on the Lake.  There are other options, and we have some suggestions and reviews below.  Keep in mind, though, this is Spring Break.  Who goes to Lake Havasu to stay in their room and within the confines of a resort?  In other words, keep in mind your goal- a clean and sanitary place to get a little sleep.

Camp Out at Your Lake Havasu Spring Break

Before we get to the resorts and hotels, it is worth mentioning that the entire Lake is a state park, complete with campgrounds that you can access by driving or boating.  Sleeping under the stars of the desert sky would make for a truly unique Lake Havasu Spring Break.  The local park service has more information here.  Note you must have a pass to camp out on state park land- these can be obtained from the local park service.  There are also many privately-owned camp grounds available.

This is not to say that the only places to sleep in the city of Lake Havasu have a liquid or dirt floor plan.  There are several hotels and motels that will cater to Spring Break crowds during the peak season (February till late March).  Here's a rundown on the most likely candidates:

Nautical Inn Resort

The Nautical Inn at Lake HavasuLeave your boat in the water, right outside your room!  This hotel features great views of both the water and the mountains.  It is the self-proclaimed only all-beachfront resort, complete with amenities such as a heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi, golf course, and convenience store for stocking up on all your lake party supplies.  Check out this Lake Havasu Spring Break hotel's webpage.  Better still, check out the picture!

London Bridge Resort

Lake Havasu's London Bridge ResortDefinitely on the pricier side of things, the trade off is being in the center of all the action.  Located right next to the London Bridge, this resort offers deluxe accommodations, a full spa, and plenty of boat/beach access.  They also have a pretty nice pool layout as well.  It doesn't hurt that you can walk to the most popular nightclub, Kokomo, as well.  If your Lake Havasu Spring Break requires all the bling to show your buddies you are a true baller, then this is the spot for you.  Go here for more information on this resort. 

The Island Inn

While the name, at first, may sound a little sarcastic (an island in the desert), this place truly is a solid choice for a basic room away from all the crowds and noise you'll experience during the daytime.  With beach access, a hot tub, and all the basic amenities, this place can be a great spot to get a little shut eye.  Get more information on this hotel here.

Note some Breakers report that payment in full is due upon check-in.  Also, there is a security deposit due at the same time, which can be slow to make its way back to your account once your stay is complete.  Make sure you ask about this at the time of making your reservation.

The Havasu Inn

Havasu Inn OutsideThis is currently the newest hotel in all of Lake Havasu.  It has been a hotel before, but recently changed ownership and underwent an impressive half-million dollar renovation.  Accommodations are basic- but the location is near all the action around London Bridge.  If nothing else, they've got a great website with an exhaustive listing of local restaurants and bars.  It's worth a look, even if you perfer to say on the lake,


Also available for a restful night's sleep during your Lake Havasu Spring Break are several chain motels.  They may not be on the water, but after a day of rocking and rolling on the lake, this may not be a bad thing.  Options include, The Ramada Inn, Super 8 Motel, Holiday Inn and Travelodge Havasu.

Daytime Scene

A crowded Lake Havasu Spring BreakWithout question, your Lake Havasu Spring Break will be focused on the open waters and numerous coves of the Lake.  Expect a mix of house boats, pontoons, speed boats, and personal watercraft (waverunners).  Most often, a number of these different boats will "raft-up" by tying themselves together to form a floating party where guys and gals can hop from one boat to another to meet new friends, grab a cold drink, or take part in all kinds of different games.  The music is loud and the beer flows freely. 

Most of these floating parties take place away from London Bridge and the view of the local townsfolk.  You can always find out where the next party is by just asking fellow Lake Havasu Spring Break attendees.  There are, however, some more popular destinations where you're always likely to find a party.  As always, we've got you covered with all the hot party sites on Lake Havasu:

Copper Canyon

Lake Havasu's Copper CanyonJust 4 miles south of London Bridge, this is the spot that put Lake Havasu on the map.  This spot is actually a cove, on the west side of the Lake.  This is the place to see and be seen for your Lake Havasu Spring Break.  Expect bumper to bumper boats here during the Spring Break high season.


Lake Havasu Sand BarThis spot is 15 miles north of London Bridge.  Here you can find many show boats and all forms of water sports.  Another major destination to find that day's hottest parties.  The shallow waters along the actual sandbar make moving from boat to boat easy.  People can get out and walk a little when it's not too crowded.  We really like this spot.  As you can see, the scenery is amazing. 

The Channel

A party at The Channel on Lake HavasuKnown more as a morning cruise spot, 'the channel' is your chance to meet up with fellow boaters and decide where the part will center for that day.  This is a great spot to 'get in the know.'  The late afternoon usually finds plenty of boats in the channel meeting up to discuss all the wild times that afternoon produced.  It is also a good place to make your Lake Havasu Spring Break evening plans.  Be careful, as this location is within the town, it can be patrolled more heavily.  The wilder parties will be found at other locations.  Still, this is a nice place to catch a little beach time.

London Bridge

Lake Havasu London Bridge Boat TrafficThe center of the all the action on and off the lake.  This is not where to find all the wild Bacchanalias and the debauchery associated it- mainly because the town is all around you.  This is, however, a big tourist destination and many advertisers set-up here to cater to the Lake Havasu Spring Break crowd. You'll no doubt spot the Bud Boat and several other promotional types contraptions floating across the water here.


This spot is still part of the Colorado River, just south of the Parker Dam.  Many campsites are found along here, along with river bars like The Roadrunner and Sundance.

Boat Rental for Your Lake Havasu Spring Break

Lake Havasu packed with boatsWith all this talk of the party scene on the water, you might be wondering where do all these boats come from.  While many people do bring their own boats down for Lake Havasu Spring Break, there is hope for those of us who don't have a boat and trailer ready to travel.  There are dozens of boat rental companies along the main road in Lake Havasu City.  The key is, though, not to wait until the last minute if you plant to rent.

There are many different providers of boat rentals in the immediate Lake Havasu area.  They rent all different kinds of watercraft, from big house boats to personal wave runners.  Here are some of the better providers:

Arizona Watersports-  With more than 16 years in the business, this provider has a very large selection of rentals to choose from.

Paradise Boat Rentals & Sales-  This is a family run business that has been in operation since 2001.  They specialize in rentals and can make recommendations based on your needs.

Club Nautical Houseboats-  Like the name says, this provider specializes in the houseboat.  Don't let the prices on their rates page knock you out of your chair- remember this is your room and your daytime entertainment and the price should be split among several friends.

There are others out there, so don't worry if you find some of the above already booked up for the next Spring Break.

Special Warning- It is illegal to engage in drive a boat while drunk.  The consequences can be just as harsh as any DWI.  Now that could ruin an otherwise fantastic Lake Havasu Spring Break.

Nighttime Scene

Admittedly, it is a little hard to keep the party going on the lake once the sun has set.  Most people not staying in house boats start to head for shore around dusk.  This is not to suggest that the party ends as soon as the lights go down.  No, my friends, Lake Havasu Spring Break has more in store for you:

Kokomo in Lake Havasu- A great Spring Break PlaceKokomo-  This is the mack-daddy of Lake Havasu Spring Break clubs.  This always-happening place is really an outdoor pool bar and dance club mixed into one.  You can use the pool free if you buy a drink!  It's central location (near London Bridge) makes it easy to find and always at the center of the action.  Their 10,000 square-foot nightclub features multiple dance floors, 4 levels of fun, swimming pool and a state of the art sound system that surrounds you with the best Hip-Hop, Top 40, Trance and Retro dance music. Work up a sweat on the dance floors and cool off with a refreshing libation from one of up to 21 bars. (We suggest the house drink, the world famous Tremor.)

Red Room- This is a true nightclub, complete with DJ, dance floor, and all the popular music for you groove with.  With a full service bar and a billiards table, this is a popular place to be found once the desert sun goes down.  Check out their website for a free admission pass!

The Naked Turtle- This self-styled beach bar is part of a larger complex that includes a floating water park (complete with climbing ice berg) and a large fleet of rentable watercraft.  This one-stop shop also offers a waterskiing school, parasailing, and kayak rentals (for those wanting a little Spring Break exercise).  Definitely worth checking out at least once during your stay.

Mad Dog Bar & Grill-  They serve food and a good party during the Lake Havasu Spring Break season.  Occasional live music or a DJ will keep you moving on the dance floor.

Rumor has it that there are a couple new bars coming to town that will cater to the Lake Havasu Spring Break crowd (Firehouse Bar and Martini Bay) .  Watch this space over the coming months as we follow this break story!

For more up-to-the-minute information about Lake Havasu, check out  This website has current lake levels, water temperature, and weekly updates on news and happening around the town.  Check it out!

Do you have Lake Havasu Spring Break Insider Tips?

We're always looking for more Lake Havasu Spring Break pictures, advice, stories, insider tips and comments from our fellow Spring Breakers to enhance this site and keep our information as timely as possible.  If you have something to add to our advice, please submit your Lake Havasu Spring Break Insider Tips here.

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