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Key West Map & Orientation

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Key West Map & Orientation

When comes to getting around Key West, we've got you covered by land, sea, and air.  Our Key West map and guide will make sure you can get to all the sights and attractions to make Key West a Spring Break destination of choice.

Directions to Key West

Depending on where you are coming from, a drive to Key West is the ultimate road trip to the Southernmost point in the United States. You're going to take Interstate 95 all the way to Miami, and then head south the Florida Turnpike to Exit 4 - Homestead/Key West. This is the Turnpike Extension that will connect you to Route US 1 in Florida City, which takes you through the Keys to Key West at the very end of US 1.

This is definitely a drive where you'll want to bring your camera along.  There are many bridges and picture points worth stopping at during your travel for that special photographic moment.

Speed limits are strictly observed along Route US 1, so don't say we didn't warn you.  Watch out for speed traps during high travel times, like Spring Break.

Flying to Key West

We prefer flying to Miami and then driving the 130 miles to Key West. It gets us there faster and we can still brag about our scenic drive. 

Key West Airport terminalFor those looking to begin their Spring Break the fastest way possible, you can fly direct to Key West, land at the Key West International Airport, and, in about ten minutes or less, check into your hotel or be sitting at one of Key West’s great bars.  (Check out the airport's website for a great Key West Map of their location relative to downtown!)

Beware, most of the flights into Key West are based on smaller aircraft, also called commuter planes or 'puddle jumpers.'  You'll almost always fly into Miami before connecting down to Key West.

Getting Oriented to Key West

Key West can best be described as a two by four (2x4), meaning the island’s dimensions are roughly two miles wide by four miles long. Here's a Key West map with all the general idea:

A map of Key West, Florida. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions

For a more interactive Key West Map, with the ability to locate most major attractions on the island, click the link.

The downtown area, located on the West end of the island has even smaller dimensions.  In fact, a walk down Duval Street (the street address for most of the island’s hottest and oldest bars) is not even a mile long.

Therefore, no designated drivers are necessary if you stay in town. We walked from dinner to the bar and back to our hotel without much trouble, even after numerous liquid indulgences.

The airport is on the other side of the island, along with the bridge to the mainland, but on a four mile long island, cab fare is reasonable and so is the drive to just about anywhere of interest on the island.

Getting Around Key West

As noted above, don’t be afraid to just get out and walk especially round downtown, where parking is definitely at a premium.  (Although, I must confess that one night I could not stand the thought of walking around on my stiletto sandals any longer.)  I was pleasantly surprised to find out, especially after the bars had closed that the taxis are plentiful and reasonable.

Key West Spring Breakers take a moped ride downtown.For those who are a little more daring, try renting a moped or scooter, but keep in mind alcohol and mopeds do not mix well.  Sadly, three-fourths of Key West’s automobile accident fatalities involve mopeds and tourists. Don’t forget to wear your helmet and pay attention to your speed the local police are not afraid to write you a ticket. Take a Key West map with you, too.

For those who feel the need for a little exercise bike rentals are easy and plentiful on the island. Personally, I prefer the mopeds.  The bikes were nice, but I prefer not to exercise that much during Spring Break.

Golf cart rentals in Key WestFinally, look for more golf carts like these to pop up in Key West.  They are available for rent by the hour or by the day.  They are fun to drive and will definitely get you some looks, but parking them somewhere can still be a problem.  Remember, while you rent any vehicle you are responsible for any parking or traffic violations! 


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Do you have a better Key West Map or Guide?

Are you a Key West local who knows all the shortcuts and the ins-and-out of Key West?   We love to be updated by people who have been to Key West recently, please submit your Key West Map and Orientation links here.

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