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Key West Attractions

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Daytime Key West Attractions

Sleeping off last night's hangover and then eventually making your way down to the beach is the typical daily schedule on Spring Break.  However, Key West has lots more to offer the more adventurous 'Breaker.  We've got a run down of top Key West attractions here.
The Beach

Like with most Spring Break destinations, the beach is where you'll find the most daytime action for Spring Breakers. Key West has a number of beaches, though Smather’s Beach is one of the most popular. People from all walks of life come here to take in the surf and sand.  You'll no doubt notice the hippies camped along the beach.  Remember, in Key West, "Live and let live."

Busy Smather's Beach in Key WestWe have to be honest, though.  After a long winter – any warm beach is beautiful. However, if having a beautiful beach with white sand and placid calm ocean waves is most important for you, Key West should not be your top choice. Key West has some pretty beaches, but they don’t compare to many other Spring Break destinations and you do find a number of interesting locals that “hang out” (and, in some cases, try to live) on the beaches.  This always makes for interesting people watching.  They can become Key West attractions among themselves!

Hemingway House

The big draw to Key West for us was the diversity of  attractions available in one tiny place. We went to the beach and hung out by our hotel’s pool bar, but we also rented scooters and bikes and went places. Key West, unlike some other Spring Break destinations is not all about just your hotel and the beach.

Ernest Hemingway House in Key WestThere are some really cool places to visit, like the Hemmingway House or the Southernmost Point in the United States (a mandatory backdrop for Spring Break pictures).  Yeah, we know, Spring Break is not about a history lesson.  But, with such cool places like this, it is worth an afternoon just looking around.


Mallory Square

Entrance to Mallory Sqaure in Key WestAlong the historic waterfront, you'll find this Key West attraction to be worth a few hours' time.  With an aquarium, sculpture garden, shipwreck museum, and shopping area, there's plenty in Mallory Square to keep you occupied.  You can also refresh yourself at the Square with their juice bar or conch fritter stand (like a hushpuppy with bits of conch thrown in the mix).  You can also try authentic Cuban cuisine!

Key West Snorkel & Scuba

Key West sailing aboard a catamaranOf course, we couldn't leave out one of the 'world-class' Key West attractions- getting under the water!  The azure waters just of the coast of Key West are home to numerous ship wrecks, coral reefs, and marine habitats both man-made and natural.  There are a number of outfitters who will take you diving or snorkeling for half-day and all-day sails.  This is one of the best ways to appreciate the Florida Keys.  Even if you are not a certified diver, many outfitters offer one day resort courses that will allow you to scuba several attractions in the area.  Other shops offer 'Snuba,' where you get to explore the ocean floor without the necessity of lugging around your scuba gear!

Key West Water Sports

Parasailing in Key WestWhether you want to go for a powerboat ride, jet ski, go tubing, or catch a bird's eye view from a parasail, you'll find all this and more easily available to you in Key West.  Rentals are available in many locations, and most operators are pretty generous with their time.   With the popularity of sailing, there are also plenty of opportunities to take advantage to take some awesome sunset cruises.  Enjoy!

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Keeping our guides current is important to us and our viewers.   If you have something to add about Key West's daytime fun,  please submit your Daytime Key West Attractions tips here.

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