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Cancun Spring Break Party - Clubs & Nightlife

After a day of hot sun and sand, its the Cancun nights that sizzle.  Cancun spring break parties are the stuff of legend.  Here's our take on them, as updated for Spring Break 2006.

Here's how our Spring Break in Cancun went- after hitting the beach or pool and working on our tans (and scoping out fellow Spring Breakers)- our thoughts turned to the night and where we would grab some dinner and later party.  We'd chat with friends old and new around our hotel to figure out where the real Cancun Spring Break party was for that particular night.  After getting a consensus on the best Cancun clubs for that night, it was off to shower up and get ready for the night.

While many hotels have vast lounges with live music and drink specials for different nights of the week, you’ll be missing the best Cancun spring break parties if you don’t get out to the Cancun clubs.  Long lines, loud dance music, and expensive drinks are the norm here- but so are tons of other hot Spring-Breakers looking for the same thing you are: a great time away from home. 

Each night at these Cancun clubs features a different nightly theme which is subject to change- but we’ll do our best to describe the general scene below.  Be aware that if you booked with a major tour service they likely have their own specials and schedules arranged with some of these clubs.  Make sure you get a copy of the schedule and keep it near if you want to stay within the Spring Break scene.  You’ve already paid for the benefits anyway.  In any event, check out the links to see the latest directly from the clubs.  Their pages open up in a new window.

A final note: Beside each club review, we have also listed the abbreviated address for the location of the Cancun clubs.  Using your hotel address as a guide, you can figure out how far away you will be from each club.  No street name is listed, only a kilometer marking, because there is only a single main road on Cancun island. 

La Boom

La Boom (Km 3.5)- Perhaps the best known of all the Cancun clubs, it is a constant hot spot for Spring Break parties.  The same will be true for Spring Break 2006.  It is divided into 2 sections- a video bar and then a 2-level disco with the light show and music to keep things moving (and grinding) well into the late night.

La Boom claims to have the best bikini contest in town- and the longest running at over 13 years now. 

Admission varies depending on the special of the night and usually includes open bar.  Be warned, like most other Cancun clubs, the bar area will be packed and servers may need a "tip" before they serve you!  Check here to learn more.


Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo LogoCoco Bongo (Km 9) is an award-winning Cancun club that publications from Playboy to Rolling Stone have raved about.  It's been called "the planet's ultimate night club" by CNN! 

It’s truly a Vegas-style experience (complete with acrobats) with a multi-level dance area that can hold about 1,800 people at a time.  There is no dance floor, per se, you just dance wherever you can or feel like it! 

At peak Spring Break weeks, this place packs ‘em in, so expect to wait in line.  You’ll find multiple genres of music here from the upper stage, which houses different bands of rock and salsa throughout the night, as well as DJs spinning Rock & Roll, Dance music, Trance, Pop, 70’s & 80’s, the Hispanic Billboard, and Techno.  Soap bubbles and balloons will fall from the sky amid dazzling light shows and large video screens.  Definitely a party every night of the week.

Current cover is $40 (U.S.), except for Friday and Saturday night- where the price is $45 (U.S.),  Click here to learn more about one of the ultimate Spring Break parties!



Dady’O (Km 9.5) is another favorite among Cancun clubs and highly preferred by fellow Spring Breakers.  Live DJ’s backed by large light and sound shows make sure the crowd stays happy all night long.

You'll first notice the architecture of the place- meant to resemble a "mysterious and fascinating cavern" from the depths of the Caribbean sea.  An intriguing setting for nightly spring break parties.

Thursday nights features a Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Bikini Model Search where you can watch the show or become a part of it!  Friday night features a 80's and 90's Dance Party where you can sing to "the oldies" with friends old and new!  Click here to visit Dady'O directly.

An off-shoot of this Cancun club is the Dady Rock Bar and Grill.  It features live music, open bar, buffet dining, and dancing.  Tuesday night includes the hot legs contest.  Thursday night is popular with its "Wet Body Contest."  Ladies will also appreciate Sunday's Hot Male Contest.  Learn more about Dady Rock here.

Entrance to the main club includes a VIP tunnel to the Rock Bar and Grill to give you 2 different club feels for the price of one admission. 


The City

The City LogoThe City is billed as the newest and most advanced of the Cancun clubs.  They may well be right.  It’s a tri-level club, lounge, restaurant, and beach club.  It hosted rapper artist 50 cent for MTV Spring Break 2004, and many other shows for MTV Spring Break 2005 (including Fat Joe, Destiny's Child, and others).  The MTV set was at The City Beach Club.

It's a sprawling complex ready to host any kind of Cancun Spring Break party.  Like the other clubs, it also has special theme nights and plenty of live entertainment.  Many tour operators have special events here for those Spring Breakers who book through them.  Expect long lines during the high season at night.   

Costs about $40 (U.S.) to the public to get in.  You can learn more about The City and its non-stop Cancun Spring Break Party here


Bulldog Cafe

Bulldog Cafe LogoBulldog Café (Km 8) is one of the newer Cancun clubs and is backed by its parent location in Mexico City.  Its fare leans more heavily towards Rock ‘n Roll with its live music acts, but other nights you’ll find salsa, hip-hop, and typical top 10 type hits. 

The club has three levels and a large stage to cater towards live music acts.  They also now have a private Jacuzzi room for high-rollers and VIPs.   Careful though, your picture might end up on their "Jacuzzi-cam" webpage!

It’s a big place, with room for about 2000 people, and has a huge light and sound system sure to keep any Cancun spring break party lively.  You can buy into an “all you can drink” option or simply go by the glass.  They also serve food and even have space to accommodate larger private parties.  Learn more about this place, where "Rock is not a music style, it's a way of life," by clicking here.



Up & Down

Up & Down ( Km 16.5 in the Grad Oasis Resort) may not be in the heart of the club scene in Cancun, but it is the home of Cancun’s foam parties.  All the latest dance music is played in its specially designed dance floor made to hold foam up to chest level.  Fun and surprise abounds as nobody knows what happens below the foam!


Carlos 'n' Charlie's

Carlos-n-Charlie's LogoCarlos ‘n’ Charlie’s (Km 4.5) is your typical campus party brought to Cancun and kicked up several notches.  Casual food and tons of atmosphere make this place a nice Cancun Spring Break party on a nightly basis.  In addition to typical bar-far food, the place doubles as a dance club, often with live music.  The bartending staff has been known to do more than there share to “help” you get in the party frame of mind. You will have a good time here.


Señor Frog's

Señor Frog’s (Km 9.5) is a restaurant grill by day and a disco at night.  After 11 p.m. it becomes a bar and dance club with a capacity for about 1,500.  Live reggae music alternates with all the hot DJ tunes to keep the crowd moving.  The staff also keep things lively with constant contests, song routines, and karaoke.   

The atmosphere is visually impressive from the giant façade marquee and its widely-known amphibian mascot.  This Cancun club boasts funky, funny out-of-place objects, graphics and phrases on the interior. Black light produces a hypnotic effect that momentarily obscures an interior of different levels and environments.

Overall, a place to get decent food and watch the show (if you don't end up becoming a part of it!).  It is a Spring Break institution by now- and, yes, you can buy the T-shirt right in the club.


 And now for the rest...          

Don’t forget that some of the other pure tourist destinations that serve food during the day also become Cancun clubs at night.  Planet Hollywood (Km 11 at the Flamingo Shopping Center) and Hard Rock Café (in Plaza Lagunas Mall) are the staples.  Hard Rock is more likely to feature live music, especially Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Margaritaville LogoJimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.  Like the name suggests, you can get your fill of Margarita here.  This place also has the inevitable "Cheeseburger in Paradise."


Spring Breaker Reviews

What?!  No user reviews on Cancun Clubs and the best Cancun Spring Break party?  My friends, this is the part of the site where you come in.  We can't visit every club and bar in Cancun every year because there are just too many of them!  We need your input and photos to share with our fellow Spring Breakers.  Click here to submit your best tips, stories, and photos regarding Cancun Clubs and Nightlife.