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Cancun Mexico Hotel Guide

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Cancun Mexico Hotel Guide

Where will you stay for your Cancun Spring Break?  We've got reviews on the more popular resorts for Spring Breakers.  A Cancun Hotel can range from modest to mega-resort.

Generally speaking, Cancun Hotels are fairly modern and updated.  In fact, you’ll be amazed at how big and extravagant some of the mega-resorts can be.  Cancun hotels can, however, vary greatly in price and services.  Before you go, check out our tips below.

First things first...

Many a Cancun Mexico hotel caters to Spring Breakers during the high season.  Some do not.  You certainly want to know this before you book your Spring Break Cancun trip.  Check out our user reviews below or your travel agent / tour operator to be sure.  If all else fails, call the Cancun Mexico hotel directly.

Those Cancun Resorts that do open their doors to you will likely have extra security staff on hand and may remove otherwise standard items from rooms like irons, glasses, ice buckets, etc.) and hallways (i.e. fire extinguishers) to prevent damage and theft.  No matter how you choose to book a hotel, call the hotel directly to make sure what amenities will be available.

As a general rule, the larger Cancun Mexico hotel is more likely to offer all-inclusive plans.  They may have multiple restaurants or bars and even offer service at a sister property just up the beach.

The smaller Cancun hotel tends not to have all-inclusive options,  but may offer a value package. These Cancun  hotels range from upscale boutique hotelsm to the equivalent of a road-side motel.  They can, though, be a great start to a cheap spring break trip.

A Word on the Big Resorts

Each of the bigger resorts in Cancun are almost like a city unto themselves- with multiple restaurants, bars, and activity venues.  Most even have an activity staff to keep things lively on the beach and at the pool.  Swim-up bars, ocean-view rooms, and extravagant Caribbean-style lobbies are the norm.

If you’re going to go all-inclusive, this is the way to do it so that you don’t get bored looking at the same menu for an entire week.  The larger Cancun Mexico hotel is also more likely to have sit-down restaurants (though reservations are usually required, check with your hotel upon arrival) as opposed to buffet lines of American food staples (hot dogs, burgers, etc.)

Location, Location, Location...

There are also smaller Cancun Mexico hotels that cater to different crowds and offer varying levels of service and accommodations.  Whether you decide to go big or small, however, we recommend you first decide in which part of Cancun you prefer to stay.

El Centro  

Cancun can be divided into two major parts- the Island (Isla Cancun) and the City (El Centro).  The city is actually on the mainland, at the north end of the island.  The typical Cancun Mexico hotel here does not have an oceanfront view and is a relative bargain compared to what you’ll get anywhere on the island.  The trade-off, of course, is having to drive onto the island to get to the beaches and most major night clubs. 

Isla Cancun

The island is where the action is.  Almost every major Cancun Mexico hotel and nightclub is located here.  Beach access is easy and there are still plenty of stores, malls, and other amenities to be found without having to cross one of the bridges.  Cancun  hotels on the island are most easily differentiated by whether they sit closest to the ocean, the lagoon, or the bay.  As you might guess, the Cancun Mexico hotel facing the lagoon will be noticeably cheaper than what you’ll pay for prime ocean-front real estate.  The good news, though, is that they are still close to the action of the clubs and getting to any beach is just a short walk or bus ride away.

Bay Side 

A Cancun Mexico hotel on the bay, however, does not command a price break.  In fact, many people consider these hotels more desirable because they face out onto calmer waters free of the undercurrent and heavy surf sometimes found on the oceanfront.  Additionally, the bay-side hotels are some of the closest to the biggest night clubs on the island and remain only a short drive from the city on the mainland. 

For the perfect Cancun Mexico hotel for you, only the depth of your pockets will limit where you stay.  Many Cancun hotels cater to spring breakers during March and April and most tour-operators and travel agents can direct you towards those places.


Spring Breaker Reviews

What?!  No user reviews on a single Cancun Mexico hotel?  My friends, this is the part of the site where you come in.  We can't stay in (or visit) every Cancun Mexico hotel because there are over 200 of them!  We need your input and photos to share with our fellow Spring Breakers.  Submit your Cancun Mexico hotel tips, stories, and photos to us.

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