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Cabo San Lucas Map

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Cabo San Lucas Map & Orientation

Need to know where to go in Cabo?  We give you all the basics along with links to the best Cabo San Lucas Map on the Web.

The General Idea...

Cabo San Lucas is located on the Southern tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. The Pacific Ocean to the West and the Sea of Cortez to the East cradle Cabo San Lucas with beaches located all along both bodies of water.   Here's a Cabo San Lucas map to give you the general idea:

A map of Cabo San Lucas [San Lucas], Baja California Sur, Mexico. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions

The actual town of Cabo San Lucas, once a small sleepy fishing village has become filled with great restaurants and clubs ready, willing, and able to serve even the most die-hard Spring Breaker, with many clubs staying open until the early morning hours when the boats of the locales head out for a long day of fishing.

In many ways, however, Cabo still feels like a small seaside town even with its many towering resort hotels, because most of the attractions are located closer together along the main drag of the town. The harbor of Cabo San Lucas Bay is on the East side of Cabo and the town itself spreads out to the north and west from the harbor.   Here's a good Cabo San Lucas Map that marks all the hot spots.

Lazaro Cardenas is the road that leads you from the airport into town and and Bulevar Marina becomes the main artery that curves you around the waterfront. On the east side of Cabo San Lucas Bay is a curvy beach known as Medano Beach. Medano Beach is the beach for swimming in Cabo with many snorkeling and other watersport outfitters located right around the beachfront, as are a number of restaurants.

There are plenty of other beaches in Cabo, but they require renting a car or securing a taxi ride there and back, and Medano Beach is really the safest beach for swimming. Thus, when looking at a place to stay that advertising “beach front” make sure the resort is actually located on or near Medano, otherwise you'll take a short drive to and from town.

Need More?

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Do you have a great Cabo San Lucas Map?

Are you a Los Cabos regular? We welcome all submissions and are happy to give you credit for them, please submit your Cabo San Lucas Map images and tips.

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