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Acapulco Travel

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Acapulco Travel is Easy!

Looking to book a trip to Acapulco?  Check out our tips for choosing a travel provider and whom he think is the best for Acapulco this year!

We find Acapulco is an easy city to walk.  However, a number of great restaurants and discos dot the entire length of the 4 miles of beach around Acapulco Bay, making it difficult and impractical to see everything by foot.  Don’t be afraid to walk around, but do take a taxi or bus to fully appreciate the city.

One special warning:  unlike in the States, pedestrians do not have the right of way in Acapulco.  Taxis and busses will mow you down, and not even think about it later.  When crossing the street, don't think that on-coming car is about to stop.

Acapulco Travel by Taxi

Taxis are everywhere in Acapulco -- and inexpensive, especially if you're traveling in the downtown area. Just remember that you should always establish the fare with the driver before starting out. Hotel taxis may charge three times the rate of a taxi hailed on the street, and nighttime taxi rides cost extra, too.

General Acapulco Taxi Tips

Taxis are also more expensive if you're staying in the Diamante Zone or south. Expect a minimum far of about $2 U.S. in the major hotel and entertainment district during the daytime . The fare from Puerto Marqués to the hotel zone is $8 U.S., or $10 U.S. into downtown.

Acapulco taxi VWHere's a picture of a typical Acapulco taxi.  Acapulco travel at its finest!  Yep, that's right, a VW beetle.  These are the taxis of the common man and you can find them on almost any road in Acapulco anytime of day of night.  Don't be surprised if you find some drivers pimp their taxis inside and out!

Sitio taxis are nicer cars, but more expensive, with a minimum fare of $4. There are usually air-conditioned and roomier than the VW Beetles.  You get what you pay for here with this mode of Acapulco travel.  You'll know these guys by their blue and white coloring (or green and silver in the northern area).  When looking for a taxi don’t be turned away by the colorful and flashy taxi services, as taxis in Acapulco are a little over the top in appearance.

Acapulco Travel by Bus

The best bargain in Acapulco travel is the city bus system. The bus system in Acapulco is very reliable and easy to navigate. 

Acapulco Bus, PaintedTwo kinds of buses run along the Costera: pastel color-coded buses with elaborate air-brush paint jobs (see right) and regular "school buses" with blue and white stripes.  At least it's not the big yellow-fellow.  The difference is the price: New air-conditioned tourist buses (Aca Tur Bus) are 50¢; old buses, 35¢. Covered bus stops are all along the Costera, with handy maps on the walls showing routes to major sights and hotels.

The best place near the zócalo to catch a bus is next to Sanborn's, 2 blocks east. CALETA DIRECTO or BASE-CALETA buses will take you to the Hornos, Caleta, and Caletilla beaches along the Costera. Some buses return along the same route; others go around the peninsula and return to the Costera.

Acapulco Travel Beyond the Bay

For expeditions to more distant destinations, there are buses to Puerto Marqués to the east (marked PUERTO MARQUES-BASE) and Pie de la Cuesta to the west (marked ZOCALO-PIE DE LA CUESTA). Be sure to verify the time and place of the last bus back if you hop on one of these.

Be careful about buses that travel out of the city, as Mexico is known for its bus robberies. Robbers hijack buses for the sole purpose of robbing everyone on board. The victims of these robberies are usually not assaulted if they cooperate; however it is difficult to get home sans pesos.

Acapulco Travel via Rental Car

Rental car companies are located at the airport. In addition, hotel staff can assist you in renting a car from one of the major rental companies once you arrive at your hotel.

Be forewarned with this mode of Acapulco Travel.  Most streets in Acapulco are not well-marked and street numbers and names will change unexpectedly. The confusing street layout of Acapulco makes getting anywhere a chore for most tourists, so unless you plan on exploring outlying areas, you are better off taking a taxis or using the public bus system.

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