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Acapulco Spring Break

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Acapulco Spring Break Guide

Looking for a Spring Break vacation idea that isn't overdone?  Still want all the world-class night life and classic beaches that a Spring Break destination must have? Acapulco Spring Break is exactly what you're looking for.

For a little Las Vegas glamour on your Spring Break, Acapulco has the goods with mega-night clubs that know how to party till dawn, fantastic beach fronts, and loads of fellow Spring Breakers looking for a good time.

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Acapulco Bay ViewA hot spot for jet setters since the early 50s, Acapulco is quickly becoming "the place” to go on Spring Break.  Spring Break in Acapulco promises warm, sunny days spent on its tropical beaches followed by sizzling nights of bar and club action that can easily rival all of the most well-known Spring Break destinations in the world.

Our Acapulco Spring Break Guide gives you the information you need, while sorting out the stuff that doesn't matter.  No museum guides here, amigos.  We've narrowed our advice down to those places, attractions, and events that are meant for Spring Breakers.  Check out our pages for the latest on Acapulco Spring Break.

Acapulco Spring Break- A Brief Overview

Located on Mexico's Pacific Coast, Acapulco has long been a favored destination for those looking to escape it all.  It is only recently that Acapulco has become a noted Spring Break destination.

The Diamond Zone

Spring Break Acapulco activities center around two main areas. Beginning near the airport is the Playa Revolcadero/Diamante area, also known as the Diamond Zone or the "new" Acapulco. This long flat stretch of open ocean beach (backed by an enormous, but tranquil, tropical lagoon) is now home to the Mayan Palace, the Tres Vidas Golf Course, and several luxury apartment/condo projects.  You likely will not stay here, but there is a great beach to check out here.

The Golden Zone

Acapulco Bay ViewThis is the spectacular Acapulco Bay you know from the pictures and travel posters.

It is a mountain-framed natural harbor that rivals Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong for beauty. The main road descends from the steep cliffs of the bay’s southern end, becoming the coastal main road named Avenida Miguel Alemán, also known as the Costera.

This is the heart of Spring Break Acapulco- with its resort strip and nearly all of Acapulco’s highrise hotels, non-stop nightlife, dining, and shopping. The Costera continues north along the bay toward Old Acapulco and the aging but partially renovated downtown area.

Acapulco Nighclub PartyAcapulco is perhaps the largest, loudest and most boisterous resort town in Mexico. Its nightclubs and discos can rival those of any party city in the world.  Just take a look at this photo from the amazing disco El Alebrije


Acapulco Spring Break has the capacity to really draw in the crowds.   In fact, an Acapulco Spring Break offers over 300 hotels (with more than 16,000 rooms) and boasts some of the world’s most exclusive resorts, along with many affordable beachfront choices.  Whatever your price range, you can make Acapulco Spring Break happen.

More Information on Acapulco Spring Break

We've broken down the rest of our Acapulco Spring Break guide into smaller sections to help you find exactly the information you are looking for.  Please use our navigation bar or the links below to discover why Spring Break in Acapulco can be the experience of a lifetime.

Getting to Acapulco

Tips on flying into the Acapulco Airport or another near-by destination with bus service to Acapulco.

Acapulco Hotels

A review of some of the better Spring Break Acapulco Hotels and what to expect when you check-in.

Acapulco Weather

Do you need shorts or pants when the sun goes down at your Spring Break in Acapulco?  We've got the information you need.

Acapulco History

Curious to know a little about the Spring Break destination you're visiting?  We've got the goods without the lecture.

Acapulco Beaches & Daytime Activities

 Sure the beaches of Acapulco's Bays are nice, but there's so muck more to see and do in this city during your Acapulco Spring Break.

Acapulco Night Clubs

Mega clubs with he wildest parties to make your Acapulco Spring Break one to remember.  We've even got the details on the best foam parties on the beach!

Getting Around Acapulco

Even if you stay in the Golden Zone, you'll be missing some of the greatest sights and views if you don't get mobile during your Acapulco Spring Break.  We tell you how to get a ride, without being taken for a ride!

Acapulco Insider Tips

Being such a big draw for Spring Breakers, you've also got to be aware of some of the scams in Acapulco.  We'll tell you what to look out for to make sure your Acapulco Spring Break isn't a washout.

Do you have Acapulco Spring Break Insider Tips?

We're always looking for more Acapulco pictures, advice, stories, insider information and comments from our fellow Spring Breakers to enhance this site and keep our information as timely as possible.  If you have something to add to our advice, please submit your Acapulco Spring Break Insider Tips here.

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