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Acapulco History

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Acapulco History

The history of Acapulco dates back all the way to a time before the Aztecs.  An ancient tribe called the Nahuas first settled the city we know as Acapulco- which means 'where the reeds stood,' or 'the place of giant reeds.'  These people were eventually conquered by the Aztecs, who, in turn, we defeated by the Spanish Conquistadors.

Acapulco's Fort San Diego is rich in historyWith the arrival of the Spanish, Acapulco became a key port between America and Asia.  As a result, such famous pirates as Sir Francis Drake and Sir Henry Morgan came to call on this port.  The Spaniards responded by building Fort San Diego, which originally stood until an earthquake destroyed it in 1776.  You can still tour this Fort today, which was rebuilt and again razed during the 1810 Mexican War of Independence.

Acapulco regained prominence in the early 1900s as the gold rush spread to Panama.  Upon the 1927 completion of a road linking Acapulco to Mexico City, Acapulco first gained prominence as a tourist destination among Mexico's own citizens.  The European set followed shortly thereafter, 

In the 1950s, a new international airport was built and Acapulco became a booming resort, with its reputation as a playground for the rich and famous jet-set.  This caught the attention of the booming film industry in Hollywood, California.  Movie stars such as Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, and Elvis Presley made Acapulco famous through both film and song.  

Part of that Acapulco still exists, in Old Acapulco (Acapulco Viejo).  But, more recently, many new and larger resort-style hotels have been built along the main road, the Costera, which tracks along Acapulco Bay.  As the growth continues, Acapulco's reach now extends beyond the bay towards new luxury condominiums and golf clubs on the eastern side.

Acapulco is now part of Spring Break History

So how does Acapulco history intertwine with Spring Break?  Once again, MTV helps highlight this destination and make it mainstay for the college crowd.  Having filmed numerous different shows in Acapulco (including Spring Break Undercover in 2001, Road-Rules vs. Real World All-Stars, and others), MTV knows a good party when they see one.  The same is true today, as Acapulco continues to gain popularity among Spring Breakers looking for sun, sand, and all-night parties.

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