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Acapulco Beach & Activities

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Acapulco Beach & Other Daytime Activities

Undoubtedly you will want to work on perfecting that tan while lounging on a famous Acapulco Beach.  But there is much, much more to see in this city than the calm waters of the bay and it's sandy beaches.  We've listed some of the more popular Acapulco Spring Break daytime activities below.

Daytime at the Bigger Acapulco Hotels

Spring Break is about getting away from books, class assignments, and the cold winter weather of the past several months.  Acapulco certainly will whisk you away from the routine of daily life- and it all begins at the hotels.

Many of the larger hotels in Acapulco have large and ornate pools in their courtyards.  Many feature swim-up bars and numerous areas for laying out.  Still others turn their pools into twisting lagoons with lush gardens and other features such as waterfalls or waterslides.

This can make for a great escape from the beachfront and all the roaming salesmen who will approach you and your friends.  It is also a great way to meet other Spring Breakers staying at your hotel.

Poolside Games in AcapulcoPerhaps to help promote this, several Acapulco hotels coordinate large events at their pools.  Contests, races, and other games usually take place poolside during the daytime hours.  Live DJs, crazy giveaways, and even beach body contests are commonplace on the pool deck.  Just check out this picture on the right!

If this sounds like fun to you (and it should!), check with potential hotels before you book to make sure they have such events.  Usually the games and contests are arranged by on-site activity coordinators hired by the hotels to make sure you have a good time.  We've listed some of the more popular and active Spring Break hotels in Acapulco here

This can be a great way to experience Spring Break without having to venture out into the city.

Explore the Acapulco Beach

Each Acapulco Beach has its own personality and characteristics.  We've got a rundown on some of the top beaches to hit during your Spring Break.

Condesa Beach

Acapulco Beach GirlsLocated in the heart of Acapulco Bay, this is the most popular beach for tourists and locals.  Because this is the beach closest to the Hotel Zone, much of Spring Break beachfront-fun takes place here.  Motorized water sports are readily available here.

Along with the popularity, however, comes vendors and salesmen who will have no problem approaching you even as you layout for that perfect tan.  You will be offered everything from drinks with little umbrellas in them to illegal drugs.  While there is great people-watching here, it comes with a price- your peace and quiet.

Icacos Beach

With Codesa Beach to its South, Icacos Beach is still a favorite among Spring Breakers.  Located in front of La Palapa Hotel and nearby Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Cafe, this Acapulco beach still draws a crowd and offers great people-watching.

We like this beach better than the Condesa, because there are not quite as many vendors asking you to buy.  There also are motorized water sports available, in addition to hot air balloon rides, parasailing, and the skycoaster.

Puerto Marques Beach

This Acapulco beach gets our vote for the best place to get away from it all in Acapulco.  Definitely for those beach-purists who want the solitude and sun without interruption, Puerto Marques features calm waters and a lack of pushy vendors found on other beachfronts.

You'll find local families here, which is the true mark of good beach.  There are also several fresh seafood restaurants located here that have great food and even better prices.  If you are familiar with Spanish and Mexican culture at all, there are some great traditional foods served here.

Be aware that to get to this beach you will need to take a 15 minute taxi or bus ride towards the airport.  It is well worth the short drive to really get in a day at the beach that doesn't include some of the commercialism found elsewhere.

Classic Acapulco

There are a few "must dos" when in Acapulco to be able to officially say you've "been there and done that."  We've got them here- and not all of them take place on an Acapulco Beach.

Acapulco Cliff Divers

Acapulco's Famous Cliff DiversIf there is one thing the world associates with Acapulco, it is its famous and fearless cliff divers, called "Clavadistas."  These guys make breath-taking long jumps on the cliffs along the bay, and into the water below.  Just check out this picture!

To see this attraction, head over to La Quebrada via taxi or bus at 1:00 p.m.  There is also a night show you can take in that includes dinner and tips (not drinks).  We recommend making the mid-day trip- there are too many dinner options elsewhere that usually include the beverage.

Definitely bring the camera along, as these guys make the diving look so graceful and easy. 

Motorized Sports On & Off the Beach

While there is plenty to do on the Acapulco Beach, there is still more fun to be found both in the water and just off the beach.  Here's our listing of our favorites:


Parasailing along the Acapulco BeachWith several vendors along Condesa Beach, just look to the sky to see your fellow Spring Breakers taking it all in while pulled behind a power boat.  This is really a great way to get an aerial view of Acapulco Bay and the city rising behind it.  We recommend doing this more towards sunset, as the "city of lights" begins to live up to its name.  The costs here are reasonable too, about $20 U.S. is all you need for a great view of this fantastic city.  More information from Acapulco Beach Parasails here.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

You simply can't miss seeing this balloon during your stay in Acapulco.  It also affords great views of the city, but is tethered to the ground and simply goes up and down over the Acapulco Beach.  If you're looking to take pictures, this is the better option compared to parasailing over the water.  The price is right too- only $10 U.S. for a ride and great 360 degree view.  It is located right on the Acapulco Beach, near Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumoing on the Acapulco BeachNothing really motorized here, except for your ride to the top of the jumping arch.  Located among all the main bars in front of La Condesa, this attraction usually draws a crowd of on-lookers too afraid to do it themselves.  Jumps currently cost $50 U.S. and include a souvenir t-shirt.  If you're an adrenaline junkie, this might just be your fix.  Note that there is a pool of water that you will actually fall towards.  If you've got enough wait on you, you may even take a slight dip into the pool at the bottom of your descent!

Sky Coaster

Located next to the balloon, the sky coaster is a a giant swing with bungee cords attached.  You and a maximum of two friends can get strapped in to take off like a rocket while strapped into a swing guaranteed to twist and turn after shooting up towards the sky.  Screaming is mandatory.  Cost is $15 U.S. for a single ride, $25 U.S. for a double, and $30 U.S. for a full trio.

Note, the sky coaster is technically in Cici Water Park, but admission is not required to ride this attraction.

Water Parks

Cici Water Park

Acapulco's Cici WaterparkThe Acapulco Beach is not the only place to get wet in this city.  Located right on the main road (the Costera), near Planet Hollywood, this water park has slides and pools for all to enjoy.

The real attraction, however, is the chance to swim with the dolphins.  Currently at $60 U.S. a go (in addition to regular park admission), this experience can be a little pricey, but numerous friends have raved about the experience.  No doubt this would be a unique experience to take back with you.

Other Attractions

Horse Riding

Acapulco Horse Ride on the BeachAt Playa Revolcadero, another nice Acapulco Beach, you can rent a horse for a nice ride along the beach.  Swimming in the waters here is not recommended, but strolling along the shoreline from the top of a local horse can be quite nice.  This is especially nice towards sunset, and makes for great pictures for you and your friends.

Below the Water- Scuba & Snorkeling in Acapulco

What trip for us would be complete without the chance to go diving?  This is my personal hobby and I love the chance to check out the life below the sea wherever I go for Spring Break. 

Girls snorkeling in Acapulco for Spring BreakAcapulco, while not known for spectacular diving, does not disappoint with its wrecks, walls, and pass-through rock formations.  While there are not abundant coral formations here, as found in Caribbean locales, there is still an abundance of marine life.  This includes rays, octopi, dog fish, spotted eels, and the occasional whale or whale shark!

There are more than enough dive sites here to keep you busy for as long as you care to keep below the surface.  Don't miss the "sea mountain" or "the underwater Virgin of Guadeloupe."

There are several dive shops here that have many different packages for divers at all experience levels.  Try Acapulco Scuba (a PADI Dive Center) for more information.  In addition to full Scuba Diving, this outfitter also does snorkeling and night diving.  No need to lug your equipment along, rental gear is included in the price for a very nominal charge.

Still More

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We're always looking for additional Acapulco Beach activities that would appeal to fellow Spring Breakers.  If you have something to add to our list, please submit it to our Acapulco Beach Activities suggestion box.