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Acapulco Airport, Etc.

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Acapulco Airport & Other Arrivals

Acapulco Welcome SignAcapulco is very easy to get to. There are many major airlines that fly into Acapulco's Alvarez International Airport (ACA).  America West files direct from Phoenix and Sacramento. Continental Airlines flies non-stop from Houston.  Mexicana has flights to Acapulco from Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Chicago and Miami, all connect through Mexico City.  American Airlines flies non-stop from Dallas/Fort Worth with connections from almost anywhere. Aeromexico connects all flights through Mexico City.  Delta Airlines flies into Mexico City and then connects via Aeromexico.   

While some Spring Breakers may feel the need to save money on their flight by flying into Mexico City and then traveling by taxi, bus or rental car from the Mexico City Airport to Acapulco, the savings are minimal and the trouble is not worth the few dollars you save.  The drive to Acapulco from Mexico City is 6 hours, however for about $50.00 you can take the toll road and cut your travel time by two hours.

Regardless of the road you take if you make the drive, it is important to remember to only drive during the day. The highway from Mexico City to Acapulco, despite clean up efforts to curb highway robberies, is still risky for nighttime travel.

Flying directly into the Acapulco airport saves you time and energy, and the airport is located a mere 15 miles from the main hotel district (about a 30 minute ride). In addition, most hotels provide transportation to and from the airport, just be sure to inquire about the schedule and specifics when setting up your hotel reservations.  Be wary of people who come up to you to offer a ride, many are scam artists.

Acapulco Airport TowerAlvarez International Airport (ACA) is tourist friendly and small, which means you won't get lost trying to find your gate.  There are duty free shops inside, a bar, and several counters of promoters selling everything to make your trip a little bit nicer.  As the picture at left shows, you can't miss this place with its bright pink walls.

To get into any Mexican destination, you will need the following: a valid U.S. passport or an original or certified copy of your birth certificate (with a raised seal) and a state-issued form of I.D.  We highly recommend you taking a passport along, as it is uniform and more easily recognized than any other form of identification.  Save yourself the hassle!

In the event you have purchased your Acapulco Spring Break package from a major tour operator, you may well be flying into Acapulco, or into Mexico City via a charter flight.  These are things you should know by asking your tour operator.  Check the details before you buy any package.  The good news: almost all tour operators provide roundtrip transfers to and from your hotel.

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Have you had experiences with the Acapulco Airport that other Spring Breakers might like to know?  We're always looking for Acapulco Travel advice, stories, photos and comments from our fellow Breakers to enhance this site and keep our information as current as possible.  If you have something to add, please submit your Acapulco Airport tips hereSpecial note:  We would like to have an update on the customs and immigration process all U.S. visitors go through before clearing the airport.  If you have recently traveled to the Acapulco Airport, please e-mail us for the potential of writing this article.