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We've just launched our very own Spring Break Blog and RSS feed.  Use the orange buttons or the 'Blog Link' above to get the latest Spring Break news!


Spring Break 2008 is coming!  It's time to begin booking your travel.  We're linking up with a great provider, watch this space!


Updated 2008 Guides! We've added loads of new helpful links to our guides.  Be sure to check them out! 

Spring Break 2008 - Looking Great

Three years and counting!  That's how long we've shown you how to get away from the grind, party it up, and rejuvenate along warm sandy beaches and tropical ocean waters.  And we are at it again!  We cover the most popular and emerging hot spots for Spring Break 2008 with even more free information to help you choose where to shake your money maker.

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This website is YOUR Spring Break 2008 resource: a free on-line guide created by Spring Breakers for Spring Breakers and growing with the help of Spring Breakers from across the globe.

Spring Break Girls Poolside

We know what you are looking for, because we've been there too.  We have walked the warm, white coral sand beaches opening onto azure blue Caribbean waters in Cancun, rocked it out at the most outrageous parties at the hottest all-night mega-clubs in Cabo, and found some of the best local spots for sipping on the strongest and most tropical beverages South of the border and within the confines of the good old USA.  No matter where you head, we've got you covered.  Within these pages you will find insider information needed to make your Spring Break the hottest yet!

Genuine Insider Advice
We are not some giant tour company trying to sell you a vacation package.  We are real people, just like you, who have put our own knowledge and passion into creating a free resource for those who want to share in the experience.

We deeply appreciate how hard you have worked and how much you value your chance to escape, let loose, and let your hair down at Spring Break.  Now we share our "insider experience" with you.

The information we share in these pages don't just come from a book.  We have lived many of these experiences and incorporated our fellow Spring Breakers' insight into our destination guides and insider articles where possible.

We constantly update and expand our pages to give you the most complete and latest breaking information possible for planning your coolest Spring Break vacation.

 Where are the top College Spring Break Hot Spots?

Spring Break Crowd on BeachEach and every location covered in this guide ranks as cool in our book.  You see, each hot spot we cover has its own qualities and events that make it unique or different from the rest. 

A non-stop foam party to end your week in Negril, Jamaica, unbelievable snorkeling in the warm crystal blue waters of the Bahamas, and the best beach in Cancun for spotting our favorite music and movie stars- these are just a few things that have made each of our Breaks memorable and left us ready to return next year.

Still, we will do our best to objectively cover Break from all the different angles (both the good and the bad) to help you make your decision about which destination is right for you and your crew. 

A sampling of topics covered in our Guides:

-Our favorite (and most popular) beaches

-The wildest parties at each destination

-Absolute "must dos" at each hot spot

-How to get around at your destination

-The best eats at Break (for cheap and for splurgers)

-How to save money on buying a vacation package

-Things to consider before buying that "value added" party pass at Spring Break 2008

-Information on the newest and emerging hot spots for Break

-Tons of tips and pics from fellow Spring Breakers

Breaking News and Updates!

Spring Break Bares All

Our site blog tells you not only what pages we've recently updated, but also allows you to see the latest images, stories, and videos added directly to our site from fellow co-eds. 

New button  Booking A Spring Break Trip?

Before you choose your Spring Break travel provider, check out tips for picking a good one, and our choice for the top provider this year!

Spring Break Schedule

Get the details on when everyone is going to be on Spring Break- so you can be in the middle of the action.  List your college or university here.

New button  Spring Break Cruises

Looking to hit the high seas for your Spring Break?  No worries, we have all the details you need to ensure that you are not straded at sea.

So enough of the hype already!  Get started here...

Acapulco Guide

The best hotels, beaches, restaurants, and night clubs for Acapulco. Everything you need to plan for your Acapulco Break.

Brazil Guide

Information on experiencing Break in Rio de Janeiro.  The heartbeat rhythm of the samba will lure you into a world of fun and excitement.  Written specifically for young and hip travelers looking for more than a resort vacation.

Cabo San Lucas Guide

East cost students find out what the West coast has been hiding for years!  A hot spot full of great clubs, warm waters, and enough party action to keep you going all week long. 

Cancun Guide

Your complete guide for Cancun. Advice, reviews, and Spring Break vacation ideas for Cancun.  The hottest all-night clubs and daytime adventures are reviewed here!

Key West Guide

This fun and funky little island should not be missed for major Spring Break fun.  We've got all the essential covered here.

Lake Havasu Guide

This is the most complete guide to experiencing Lake Havasu for Break.  Everything you need to party it up in the desert southwest's best-kept secret!

New button  Mazatlan Guide

Mix the best of old world Mexico with new age bars and clubs!  Not to mention this party town has some of the freshest seafood in town.

Myrtle Beach Guide

Along the Atlantic Ocean and the cost of South Carolina lies one of the most popular beach locations for the East Coast.  It's an up and coming Break destination.

Negril, Jamaica Guide

A cool, informative guide for your Jamaican getaway. We cover all the angles and find the best ways to enjoy this laid-back Caribbean destination for Spring Break.

 Panama City Guide

One of the granddaddies of U.S. Spring Break!  Check out why this little town in the Florida panhandle has some of the best bodies on the beach year after year.

South Beach Guide

Miami!  Another great resource covering Break tips for this fantastic city.  Reviews of the best Break hotels, clubs, and beaches to see and be seen in South Beach.

South Padre Guide

It gets hot and wild on the Texas Gulf Coast each Spring Break.  We got the inside info on where to party and how to live it up on these white sand beaches!

Spring Break History

Short essay explaining the history of Spring Break's popularity in the Unites States and its evolution over the decades. 

Cheap Spring Break Travel Tips

Loads of great tips and strategies for finding and booking cheap travel during the high season. Break doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg!

Last Minute Spring Break Tips

Hey procrastinators: This one's for you.  Just because you waited doesn't mean you have to get taken by the travel agent!

Safe Spring Break Tips

A thorough list of safety tips for anyone headed to Break. Crucial information for everyone headed to Break this year.

Wanna See What We are Talking About?

Spring Break Pictures

Unbelievable contests!  The hottest bodies on the beach.  Your fellow co-eds living it up in the best dance clubs.  We've got multiple galleries of all the evidence you folks don't need to see before you set out for Break!

New button  Spring Break Videos

If a picture is a thousand words, then what do you say about videos of the craziness you can expect at Spring Break?  Viva the camcorder!

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Information and pics about the authors and webmaster of of this website.

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This is where you submit you best Spring Break pics, video clips, or stories- so we can share in the excitement!



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